27 September 2016

Review: Doctor Who: Genesys by John Peel

Acquired March 2010
Read June 2016
The New Doctor Who Adventures: Timewyrm: Genesys
by John Peel

This novel, the first of the New Adventures, is somewhere between "not very good" and "terrible." I'm not sure where, but even at 230 pages, it was a slog. The Doctor and Ace wander around slowly for a long time doing things that don't really matter, and the ending is a load of nonsense where the seventh Doctor has to become the third to do some technobabble stuff. That the Doctor could be searching for the Timewyrm and then not know who this mysterious goddess entity in ancient Mesopotamia is beggars belief. Even without the gratuitous nudity (there are two scenes where Ace-- who I am pretty sure is sixteen around this time-- gets naked, and that's just the tip of the iceberg), this wouldn't be a very good book.

Next Week: I'm all caught up on my Doctor Who reviews (still haven't read the next New Adventure, Exodus, yet), so I'll be switching tracks to another reading project: the IDW Transformers Humble Bundle!

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